Welcome to Reddington Citizens

Get to know our citizens of Reddington a little bit better! Characters are organized by playable (PC) and non-playable (NPC)!

News Bulletin

News Bulletin Crew are responsible for the town newspaper. The media and television portion is run by Jean-Christophe “JC” Lapointe.

News Bulletin Mysteries

  • Mystery 1: Fools Rush In
  • Mystery 6: Ante Up
  • Mystery 9: (Coming Soon)

Fennel “Fen” Greene


Fen is a changeling, the faerie replacement for a human… but they were raised human and have proved untalented with magic. Instead, they turned their talent for trickery and bargaining toward a life of crime, stealing from humans and monsters alike. Reddington is their home, though, and they want what’s best for the town and will listen to the Council… they’ll just turn a profit along the way.

Fen is played by Algie Todd.

Nilus Wheeler


Nilus Wheeler is a hopeless optimist who always sees the best in people and strives to do one thing above all else, make people happy! And the most surefire he’s always known to do that is with the magic of cooking, now with literal magic! After a teensy incident with a mistranslation and some inadvertent sacred geometry in the icing, Nilus accidentally released a trapped spirit that’s since been showing him the magical ropes.

Nilus is played by Mick Wheaton.

Xo Hernandez


Xiomara “Xo” Hernandez is an (incredibly) niche internet celebrity specifically on a website called Cryptid Call, where she either live streams or records her hunt for ghosts. This spunky Afrolatina has her fair share of both fans and skeptic haters, but she doesn’t let it get her down. After all, weird stuff has been happening around her all her life, why SHOULDN’T she exploit it to pay her bills?

Xo is played by Rhys Tirado.

Barnabus Crawley


Barnabus Crawley is the only child of a rather death-focused family. He was working as the police coroner for his hometown when he followed the evidence of a supernatural murder to a demon running amok. He quickly became a pariah amongst the town for believing such “nonsense”.

Thanks to an unexpected abundance of monster hunting subreddits, he was able to ultimately trap the beast within a ritual tattoo on his skin. Ever since, Barnabus strives to protect the community he serves from the dangers they won’t believe in.

Barnabus is played by Isaiah Rothstein.

Jessa June Greeley


Jessa June Greeley comes from a big family of big people and personalities; she’s 5’10 herself, and if she thinks something’s funny, you’ll hear her laugh down the block.

At 22, she’s just starting to wiggle out from behind the protective wall of her father and brothers but have no doubts that she can hold her own, if needs be. She may not be the most graceful when it comes to social expectations, but she is dependable and if fists start flying, she’s got your back.

Oh, and if you want to surprise her, don’t. But if you want to cheer her up, caramel popcorn’ll do the trick.

Jessa June is played by Sarah Palmero.

Parks and Recreation

Our Parks and Recreations group is responsible for all the festivals and touristy events in town!

Parks and Rec Mysteries

  • Mystery 2: One Horn To Rule Them All
  • Mystery 7: (Coming Soon)
  • Mystery 10: (Coming Soon)

Kathy Pines


Kathy Pines, daughter of the famed Fred and Jessica Pines, Kathy Pines grew up getting everything she could have ever wanted, so it’s a shame that everyone else hasn’t seemed to have gotten the memo. Kathy is a primadonna and would be the first to tell you that she’s the “Daphne” of the group. However, when push comes to shove, Kathy might show that there’s more brawn and brains than meets the eye.

Kathy is played by Gina Moravec.

Norman Newman


Norman “the Normal Human” Newman is the town selectman and a licensed guidance counselor in Reddington. Nobody can quite remember whether “town selectman” is an elected position or not, but boy, is it the position he has now.

Norman is an almost uncannily average white man whose cheery disposition and philanthropy persists through even the most inappropriate circumstances.

Quote: “Reddington is the finest town on the face of the planet. I wish I didn’t live here so that I could experience visiting Reddington for the first time.”

Norman Newman is played by Theo Wampuszyc

CB Scotsdale


Carmichael Beau “CB” Scotsdale is a man out of time; at least, when they’re a man. Turned to a member of the blood-sucking undead in the 1910s, CB hit the bricks from their small midwestern town and made headway on Broadway as a mysteriously wealthy and infamously eccentric producer. They are canonically responsible for such rapturous hits as: Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark, CATS, Love Never Dies, Diana the Musical, Carrie the Musical, and Legs Diamond.

CB’s moral compass and views toward humanity can easily be summed up as, “I’m here for a good time, a long time, and a laugh”, which has led to an interesting philosophy and even more interesting preferences of a certain… variety. 

CB is played by Newt Schottlekotte



Maude is NOT your typical sweet old lady. She’s 89 years young and you won’t catch her slowing down any time soon. Always getting into trouble (but never getting caught), she’s been forced into working with her community by her loving family. 

Maude is played by Kat Reeves.

Nikola Garibaldi


Nikola Garibaldi lives in an apartment above a bodega in Reddington with her husband, Orlando, and toddler, Romeo. After moving here about five years ago, they purchased and opened their bodega and have been serving their community ever since.

Do you need a loan on some baby formula, want to get out of werewolf gang life, or just need to do the evening shopping for dinner? Garibaldi’s has got you covered.

Nikola is played by Danielle Lincoln.

Historical Preservation Society

RHPS is responsible for keeping the town’s historical documents and preserving what happens.

Reddington Historical Preservation Society Mysteries

  • Mystery 3: That Sinking Feeling
  • Mystery 8: (Coming Soon)
  • Mystery 8.5: (Coming Soon)

Delilah Fleece


Delilah Fleece is the black sheep of The Fleece Family that ran off to Reddington for college the week after she graduated. As “professional” student Delilah has spent the past few years hopping majors trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life.

She does turn a tidy sum on the side moonlighting as paranormal romance author Charlotte Lovelace. Though with a past that has led her to be very familiar of the creatures lurking just outside the mundane her skills have the habit of being more useful than just to write up the next brooding hunky monster.

Delilah is played by Alyss Hart.

Isolde Finnigan


As a somewhat reclusive, yet warm and caring presence in the town of Reddington, Isolde Finnigan always knows when one is lying, when it is going to rain, and can be found taking tea for two to the grave of her wife, Mercy.

But this is no tragedy, see, not like Isolde will tell it, or how one would expect. Mercy was dead when they met. Isolde Finnigan hears dead things. More than hearing them, perhaps, she listens.

Isolde is played by Lauren Tucker.

CiCi Stratos

(they/them, any)

CiCi Stratos is newly arrived in town and excited to be here!  And also to leave.  They travel a lot.  They love animals and have studied biology in college, which they definitely attended.  For a while.  There is nothing mysterious about them.  Just, don’t…     

Anyway…Can’t wait to meet everyone!

CiCi is played by Emily C.A. Snyder.

Morgan Lapointe-Evans


If somebody needs help with their chemistry or biology homework, Morgan Lapointe-Evans, recently graduated, is a good contact. If the lab session is cancelled because “all the overlay agar from the class experiments grew large rainbow lumps overnight and oxygen is slowly being sucked out of the entire building”, Morgan should also be reached, because they’re probably responsible for the issue.

They live in a small apartment with two pet rats, and beside the students they help as a TA, their father is their main source of social interaction. Outside laboratories, when they’re not on their way to feed their caffeine addiction, they’re most likely trying to catch a glimpse and samples from the latest “I swear this thing had wings/no face/way too many teeth” statement in town.  

Morgan is played by Cam Clark.

“The Righteous” Johnny Lydon


Johnny Lydon: The Outlaw’s Outlaw, King of the Drifters, Righteous. No matter what you call him Johnny is a menace to polite society.

A professional wrestler and drifter who’s life on the highways of the United States has been called “A Decade of Destruction”. But Johnny isn’t looking for trouble, only for a life that’s wild and free.

Johnny is played by M.L. Earhart.

Bird Watchers

A Group Coming in Season 2!

Charlie E. Benedict

(Coming Soon)

Atticus Kilgore

(Coming Soon)

Greg Samuel

(Coming Soon)

Allie Ventner

(Coming Soon)

Sasha Chernov

(Coming Soon)

Guest Citizens

Archibald “Arc” Wilbertforce Worthington III was living in the lap of luxury until a home invasion sent him into a spiral of security education and lock efficiency. Now, a master of locks and security, he spends his nights testing people’s security and letting them know where their blind spots are so they can better protect themselves. Until one night, when he broke into the wrong house and found a living security system not of this world.

Arc is played by Mike Cuellar.

James “Jimmy” Rigney is a former Boston cop who has become a Private Investigator in Reddington after his partner died. He has seen Cats the movie 127 times, and still goes to visit the cinema to see it every Thursday. He finds Reddington to be a very weird town for the last seven months he’s lived here.

Jimmy is played by Ollie Brady.

Luke Hollis “Luke Holler” Greeley is such a pretty boy. Built like a boxer’s build than a tank. His shirts are always tucked, even if it’s just an undershirt and jeans. Grey eyed. Early twenties. The friendly one who will go from a handshake to a headlock in an instant and smile the whole time.

Luke is played by Algie Todd, and voiced by TBD.

Mercy Finnigan is Isolde’s wife. While the age difference is….90ish years, Isolde was definitely an adult! This is NOT TWILIGHT. 

Mercy’s ghost is in a little doll. 

Mercy is voiced by Lauren Tucker.

Razhadonk is a demon. Currently is trapped in a tattoo on Barnabus. Is really bad at poker – Owed Nilus a debt due to bad poker nights. Debt recently has been paid. Recently the group has figured out that Raz is not as attached to Barnabus as they have thought. When on Xo’s arm, is in the form of a dragon.

Razhadonk is voiced by Isaiah Rothstein.

Wendy, Dahling


Wendy has been described as unsettling, creepy, evil, and a Kohls manager. She’s the town’s narrator and the link between the citizens and the Town Council.

Wendy is voiced by Megg Griffin.

Voiced NPCs

Non-played characters in town!

(Coming Soon!)