Crew Biographies

Megg Griffin


Meghan Griffin is a self-proclaimed amateur author from Atlanta, Georgia. When she is not analyzing airplanes and airports in order to pay the bills, she spends her time writing, editing aviation-specific articles, reading, playing games, or showrunning. She hosts several podcasts and showruns Reddington. She currently resides with her surrogate baby brother Redd and their three cats.

Megg Griffin intended to retire from being in front of the mic while podcasting in 2022, moving to grander behind-the-scene jobs, like showrunning. But she then found herself needing a voice for the narrator Wendy. Thus, she has become not only the showrunner/gamekeeper, but also the voice of the creepiest NPC-Narrator.

Alex Lavelle


When Megg asked Alex if he would take on Reddington with her, he asked if she wanted him as a player or as an editor. As we say every time we record: THANK YOU ALEX!

Alex is our behind-the-scenes editor. He’s the best, but he is too busy for trivial things like biographies for websites. He is a stage manager in the Atlanta theater scene, so double busy. He offers this picture of an axolotl as payment. You can find him on all his podcasts in his Podchaser Profile.

Note: Megg wrote Alex’s Bio as he is just too busy.

Algie Todd


Algie Todd is a New York-based media student, writer, actor, and sound designer, plus a bunch of hobbies, from stagecraft to gardening to game design. They dabble in probably far too many things, because everything is interesting, and refuse to establish a specialty. You can also hear xem as Lumen on the podcast Starfall.

Algie Todd initially auditioned to play the cunning Fennel “Fen” Greene, featured in News Bulletin, and instantly became an irreplaceable asset to the podcast. They became co-showrunner in summer 2022. Currently their primary focus is Patreon Content.

Alyss Hart


Alyss Hart is a Northern Georgia based voice actor and an up-and-coming TTRPG game designer. A former theater kid with several years of roleplaying under her belt, her sense of comedic timing has become a detriment to everyone around her. (Editor’s note: if tears of laughter are detriment…) Her biggest hobbies are napping, showing off her cat Bea, and caffeine consumption. 

Alyss Hart initially auditioned to play the role of Delilah Fleece, featured in the Reddington Historical Preservation Society. They joined the Reddington Crew in late 2022. Her primary focus is Reddington: Continuity Errors Season 2 and the upcoming Radio Reddington.

Mick Wheaton


Mick Wheaton is a nerd of all trades, master of none that can typically be found traipsing about the woods of Wisconsin as a forester by day and pretending to be other people by night; be it on stage at the local community theater, at the table for an RPG with friends, or in your ears while dabbling at voice acting. A serial nerd, Mick loves trees, making maps, and constantly getting sidetracked by that shiny new hobby or interest to dive into!

Mick Wheaton came on as Nilus Wheeler, featured in our News Bulletin Group. He was, in fact, the first confirmed player in Reddington! He quickly joined the Reddington Crew in the summer of 2022, with his primary focus being Reddington: Continuity Errors Season 2.

Isaiah Rothstein


Isaiah (he/him) is an actor & writer in Brooklyn, NY. He’s a fan of reading, games, cozy things and almost any hot beverage. He recently co-founded Hot Dice, a media group creating RPG actual plays.

Joshua “Josh” Hardin


Joshua “Josh” Hardin is gay, Atlanta-based, bookish, a dog dad, and although he insists it isn’t planned, picks up a new hobby every three years or so (usually after reaching a level between intermediate and advanced), with the most recent being figure skating. His nerd interests include animation, anime, manga, comics, and gaming. A long-time fan of ttrpgs and Welcome to Reddington, Josh is excited to join the cast next season!

Josh came on board in March 2023 to help with Patreon content. He will be joining the cast in Season 2 is as well.

Redd Griffin


Coming Soon!