Collective Stops

This is a living list of hard and soft stops as sent in by cast and crew. If you need clarification, shoot me a message. Repeatedly ignoring these stops will result in you no longer working with Feathered Frequency Productions.


These are stops — things that are absolutely not allowed at all! 

  •  Sexual Assault 
  •  Sexual Violence
  •  Bugs and spiders
  •  Hand/nail torture 
  •  physical parasites 
  •  IVs
  •  psychiatric hospitals 
  •  lasting harm/damage to pre-teens 
  •  vore
  •  bathroom excretions 
  •  racism
  •  sexism
  •  eye trauma 
  •  ear trauma 
  •  genital torture 
  •  murdering someone because they’re transgender 
  •  murdering babies because of birth gender
  •  maggots 
  •  domestic/partner abuse 
  •  transphobia 
  •  homophobia 
  •  emotional abuse 
  •  sexual mutilation 


These items should a “fade to black” moment, if they’re going to happen.

  •  Graphic kid death
  •  graphic animal death
  •  sexual situations (flirt away! Just keep any sexy times not on screen.)
  •  Clowns performing 
  •  torture/cannibalism 
  •  discriminatory slurs 
  •  medical stuff
  •  pet death
  •  winter driving accidents 
  •  bodily horror
  •  self-mutilation/self-harm/suicide  
  •  buried alive / suffocation 
  •  trypophobia 
  •  puss and similar bodily fluids 
  •  intimate partner violence