Feathered Frequency Shows

Welcome to Reddington is an award nominated, bi-weekly podcast with overlapping multi-narratives. Formerly named Once Upon a Monster of the Week, the audio fiction podcast uses Evil Hat’s Monster of the Week gaming system to guide and provide the unique improv’d storytelling.

Welcome to Reddington stands out from other actual play podcasts by offering listeners 15+ playable characters to fall in love with and an exciting range of vocals for NPCs. (Non-Played Characters.)

Season 1: Autumn‘s first half — Mystery 1 through 6 are now on all major podcatcher platforms.

Season 1 will continue in 2023.

Reddington: Continuity Errors is a 6-8 weeks seasonal Twitch show related to the podcast Welcome to Reddington. Born out of the joke that Riverdale writers are only given the script of the episode before theirs, the Reddington crew decided to adopt this idea and run with it.

Reddington: Continuity Errors focuses on sharing the massive variety of TTRPGs with the world. With a strong “No Dungeons and Dragons” policy, Viewers can expect to find 6-8 new TTRPGs a season.

Season 1 is currently available on Youtube.

Season 2 coming 2023.

Reddington’s Radio Station

Coming 2023

Welcome to Reddington Season 2 – Winter

Coming 2024

Judging Book Covers

A monthly book club podcast hosted by Stephanie Cortez, Ollie Brady, and Megg Griffin.

Podcast returns February 28, 2023.

Cosmic Grandma

Coming April 1, 2023.


In partnership with Haunted Griffin

Second Season of Marigold’s Ghosts

Coming Late 2023